At the Flea Market (4)


At the Flea Market (3)


At the Flea Market (2)


At the Flea Market (1)

So many of the photographs I’ve taken over the last year have become so unbearably painful to look at; two people are gone from my life who supported my photography habit. One of them had no choice but to leave; the other one chose to go.

I’ve resolved to start posting again. I am now carrying a small digital camera in my pocket. Here are some of those pocket shots.



Beautyflex Summer 2015 (6): The Time Shop


Disclaimer: I modified the curves in Photoshop.

This kind of color profile is what my memories of my childhood come to me in. Sort of like the color Andy Griffith Show episodes. A bit too…a bit too…

If only I could go into the Time Shop and buy something other than how to count the time down.

Beautyflex Summer 2015 (5)




Beautyflex Summer 2015 (4)

ashevile film rol060

This is Machael John, of He was very nice to let me take this picture. Once upon a time, I played the trumpet, so respect to someone who does it so well.

Beautyflex Summer 2015 (3)

ashevile film rol061


Beauty flex Summer 2015 (2)


I didn’t like Franklin, TN; Franklin, TN didn’t like me. I can’t imagine wanting to go back, and I’m not sure what’s up with the magazines trying to get other people to go there. Come to Appalachia instead. I do like this picture. I don’t recall taking it, and I don’t know who the man in the red shirt is or was. I like the composition, though.

Beauty flex Summer 2015 (1)


I think color never looked so good as it does in film.