Rolliflex inspiration: in search of a rural noir

So, I up and bought a Rolleiflex. I happened to walk past a camera shop that had a nice Rolleiflex at a price that I could take, I swooned, and I bought it.

The owner said to me, whatever you do, don’t get rid of the Beautiflex. Use it on rainy days or whatever, but hold on to it. That, I felt, was a draught of understanding. The Beautiflex has a simplicity to it: basically, it’s just a box that exposes film, thankyouverymuch. But it’s my box that exposes film, it works, and thus love.

Buying the Rolleiflex led me to this article on Fan Ho’s photography. I promised myself I would keep a record on this blog of photographers I find inspiring. His photography makes me wonder, how can I find a rural noir?

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